There Are Literally Hundreds Of Acupressure Points On The Body.

Acupressure is essentially a method of sending a signal to the body by needle or other means to “turn on” its own self-healing or regulatory mechanisms. Acupressure Points have a high electrical conductivity at the surface of the skin, and thus conduct and channel healing energy most effectively. There are literally hundreds of acupressure points on the body. Apply steady, firm pressure as you pinch. After holding the pressure point for the desired amount of time, slowly release the point. The points are where vital energy gets blocked on the meridians, and where you can most effectively release the resulting tension, numbness, or pain. Beauty Treatment: The Chinese used acupressure points as a beauty treatment for thousands of years. If that is impossible, then practice at least 2-3 times a week. 10 Applying Acupressure Correctly Use the right amount of force. Energy Flow Governs Well-Being in people and animals alike. Acupressure is an Asian Bodywork Therapy developed over 5,000 years ago.

The meridians begin at your fingertips, connect to your brain, and then connect to an organ associated with a certain meridian. AV 26, an acupressure first-aid point, between your nose and upper lip into the upper gum, is effective for counteracting dizziness, fainting, recovery, and dissociation. Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Finn.